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WordPress Tooltips Ultimate & Image Hotspot Plugin

Image Hotspots

Here is an example with pulse animation.


Floor lamp

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White SofaCoffee tableBook caseCarpetThis hotspot tooltip contains a link.

Click here to follow the link.

And here is a map example with fade animation and different icons for each hotspot.


Living roomBathroomHall EntranceBedroomKitchen

Image or font awesome icon

Choose between a custom image or a font awesome icon for your hotspots. You can select between 503 available font awesome icons.


My hotspot is an imageMy hotspot is a font awesome icon

Customizable size

You can easily set the size of your icons. You can also define specific sizes for responsive purposes (different size for smartphones, tablets portrait and tablets landscape).


My hotspot has a size of 20pxMy hotspot has a size of 40px

Hotspot animations

Choose between 2 cool animations for your hotspots: pulse and fade.


My hotspot has a pulse animationMy hotspot has a fade animation